The Real Lure of Fifty Shades


As I perused the never ending Fifty Shades of Grey reviews, protests, fanfare and Facebook battles floating around this week I experienced a whole gamut of emotions that I wasn’t expecting. Starting with anger at the audacity of bondage & purposeful pain being embraced by a world where so many women and even children are victims when it comes to […]

When Evil Seems Good

Feeding the lepers and responding to Jen Hatmaker

Scroll down for VIDEO! The enemy is a master deceiver, I learned in India that not everything that seems good is. When I returned I learned of Jen Hatmaker’s interview on homosexuality and thought one video could tell the story of the Lepers in India and respond to Jen in one swoop. Our view of […]

Even the demons obey in your name…

Siblings delivered from demons in India

On the first day and the last day of our India mission we visited a Hindu tent village for church. Our contact in India had been evangelizing this community for a couple of years (if I remember right) and most of them had gotten saved. However, the teaching is severely lacking, most don’t have bibles […]