On Trump and Saul

Something is amiss

I keep saying that I am wrestling with God about Trump and I keep thinking that my settling will come in the morning but alas, I am still wrestling!  But I do want to share what the Lord has shown me so far… The night before the election I had a dream, I shared part […]

Three Earthquakes

The Second Shaking is Coming

The Dream Two nights ago I had a dream. The whole world experienced an earthquake all at once. Chaos abounded and people were very, very frightened. I was in the midst of it and knew that the earthquake was the first of THREE. I could simultaneously see everyone running in confusion and talking about the […]

Coming to America

More end times dreams

Two end times dreams from the Holy Spirit in two days.  The first was a reminder to prepare for…well-the worst- for lack of a better term, in the days to come in America. It’s past time to store up food, water etc. This is just one of many I’ve had on this subject, but it’s […]