Einkorn Flour Wild Blueberry Bread

with Kefir, Flax and Chia

I just recently discovered Einkorn Flour and it is my new go to!  It is what flour is supposed to be, without all the pesticide issues that get blamed on gluten. People with so called gluten sensitivities can usually eat Einkorn flour with no issues!  You can read all about it right here, and you […]

No Ice Cream Maker Needed Easy Peasy Peach Sorbet

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” Genesis 8 :22 With just five ingredients and no ice cream maker needed, this refreshing sorbet takes less that 5 minutes to whip up soft serve, or freezes to the perfect scoopable texture in […]

Paleo Desserts-Honey Almond Custard with Crispy Coconut Cookies

Pin this using the Pinterest button at the bottom of the post! Soooo the latest eating trend takes it’s cues from cavemen.  Cavemen?  DO cavemen (and cavewomen) even fall into my Creationism belief system?  Not really.  But that doesn’t mean that I am not up for the challenge of recreating some of my favorite foods […]