Pattern of Immediatelies

The word immediately is used nine times in the first chapter of Mark. Nine times! Clearly Jesus was fervent in His mission. He saw what the Father was doing and did the same –immediately.   What of us? Are we fervent in our mission or do we live life as if there’s always tomorrow to tell […]

The Shack Movie Review

Heresy or not?

Let’s talk The SHACK. I have friends on both sides of The Shack spectrum. Those that yell, “Heresy! Blasphemy! Burn him at the stake!” Okay, maybe not the burn him at the stake part, but pretty close. Then others who have been counting down the days of its release with their Junior Mints & Popcorn […]

We Are Warriors

Freedom Event January 2017

To get the most out of the Freedom Event Videos, (actual video is posted below) I suggest that you worship and pray along. I pray the Holy Spirit speaks to you right where you are at to draw you deeper into Jesus and to give you a taste of His freedom even as you watch! […]