Pattern of Immediatelies

The word immediately is used nine times in the first chapter of Mark. Nine times! Clearly Jesus was fervent in His mission. He saw what the Father was doing and did the same –immediately.   What of us? Are we fervent in our mission or do we live life as if there’s always tomorrow to tell […]

Counterfeit Unity, Counterfeit Division

I’ve noticed an interesting dynamic happening in the world today. At the same time that everyone is crying out for ‘unity’, individuals are latching onto division in order to feel like they belong and have purpose. Kind of like a gang mentality. As I sought the Lord for what all this was He reminded me […]

This video was taken after an emotional morning with the Lord regarding a discussion of the Superbowl performance with other Christians. Please check out the original Facebook Live Video post to get the links talked about in the video and to join the discussion! 

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The False Idea of PEACE

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” ~Jesus the Savior, Matthew 10:34   Jesus IS PEACE and we have that most beautiful fruit when His Holy Spirit lives in us as individuals. There is nothing more wonderful. But-He DID […]

Restoring Godly Feminism

Attention Christian Women!  I was praying today and the Lord prompted me to look up the false/demon goddess called Ashtoreth. Ends up, she is the CONSORT OF BAAL, and listen to this, from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia-  “In Babylonia and Assyria Ashteroh (aka Ishtar)was the goddess of love and war. An old Babylonian legend […]