Two Paths To Personal Freedom

If You Want to Live Victoriously, You Must Take One or the Other

Happy Independence Day everyone!  

This post is intended to set you on the path to TRUE PERSONAL FREEDOM. There are only two paths, the long path and the short path. Both are two legs of the same narrow path in Jesus, and you must choose one or the other if you want to live victoriously.  Accepting Him and Savior and then staying at the foot of both paths is something many end up doing, but you will never reach victory that way, you must choose.

The Long Path

The long path is a means of deliverance of the enemy’s oppression in your life through sanctification. The closer we get to Jesus, the more He sets us free from. On this path most of us don’t even realize that part of what is happening is actual deliverance. This is the path that I started down, thirty years ago, and I was one who didn’t even realize I was on it until recently, but the more the Lord calls me to help set the captives free from demonic oppression, the more He shows me about my own life.

A Glimpse of My Story-

A Spirit of Jealousy 

I’ve been married to my best friend Randy for ten years this month. (Yay! Happy Anniversary to us!) About seven years ago or so we got a new worship leader at church, a female. A cute and really talented female that sang my husband’s favorite style of music. Each week when she took the stage to lead worship, a very familiar feeling of uncontrollable jealousy came over me. I knew the feeling well, I first remember feeling it in high school. I’m not talking just a fleeting jealous streak that jokes are made of, this was different. It had a hold of me. No amount of rational thought would make it stop. No amount of affection or attention from my husband would ease it, jealousy had my heart to the point where I was seething so deeply that my hands would almost shake. And then about eight weeks later, it was gone.

I didn’t know this at the time but I had somehow let in an actual demonic spirit of jealousy at some point in my life. (See Samuel 18) It had been there since at least high school and had reared it’s ugly head many times since. During that eight week period, I resisted, I worshiped through the feelings in tears, and I sought the Lord. Eventually the feeling just left, never to return and when it did, my personality changed. I am at peace in my relationship with my husband instead of always wondering if he is going to run into somebody prettier or smarter that he’d rather be with. I am able to just rest in us and it is a wonderful feeling of freedom.  It was only recently that the Lord taught me that I was actually delivered from the demon of jealousy just by seeking Him in general. I didn’t seek Him for deliverance because I didn’t know I needed it. I had been told that Christians couldn’t have demons and I believed it.

A Spirit of Witchcraft 

While in Brazil last Fall I was delivered from a spirit of control, that once again I didn’t know I had. I’ve since learned that it is actually a spirit of witchcraft that seeks to control people and it can enter into a person’s life through drugs, alcohol, or involvement in the occult.  (I talk a bit about my involvement in the occult in this personal video testimony!)  

Over the years it had manifested itself through severe anxiety & panic attacks, fear of flying, and fear of being a passenger in any means of transportation where I was not the one steering. At one point I was so sick and afraid that I was borderline agoraphobic. During that time the Lord led me to just the right person who had the knowledge of what was happening to me physically, and the supplements that I needed to take to get healthy. It was incredible.  You can read that story right here if you like.

For years I took vitamins and herbs that kept me just to the right of the tipping point of anxiety. If I knew I had to fly or would be experiencing something else unusually stressful, I would just take more of the herbs that I knew helped. My problem was under control and I am so grateful that the Lord, in His grace, worked with my level of faith at that time. He knew I would be open to vitamins and such, but I had no understanding that I needed full blown deliverance, so He met me right where I was at spiritually and answered my cries for help. He gave me a physical solution to cope until I could reach true spiritual freedom through deliverance years later.

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My Supernatural Deliverance

Fast forward to Brazil. The second I signed up to go at God’s call, I phoned my mom and said, “I don’t know how I am going to make it there on this ten hour flight, but I know if I can just get there I will come home FREE.” Boy was I right. God stretched me in ways I didn’t know I could be stretched on that trip. From the plane, to six hour bus rides, 1970’s car adventures with strangers and everything in between, He was calling me to surrender and in my willingness to do so the Holy Spirit came on me and fought that old demon of witchcraft and set me totally FREE.  That was about a week into the trip then on the last day before heading home, He replaced the places in my soul that the demon had been residing with His PEACE. When I got on that plane to go home it was as if I was stepping on a bicycle for a spin around the block. I felt nothing but peace. NO FEAR. I hadn’t had that feeling of peace since my early twenties! Now when I see a plane, I look up and long to be on it. Lol. Truly. God instilled in me a sense of DESTINY on that trip and I know now that that is exactly what the demon of witchcraft had worked so hard to steal. But that is a story for another post.  Let’s talk about the short path.

The Short Path

The short path is one that very few in America travel although it is the method we see used in the bible, as well as for centuries after, and is a prevalent practice today in other countries where the spiritual realm is acknowledged as a way of life. The short path is deliverance of demonic oppression through a Holy Spirit filled minister. It is almost instant. In Matthew 10:8 Jesus tells us as His followers to “cast out demons”, yet many American churches don’t even talk about it let alone minister in this way.

When we accepts Jesus as Lord we usually come with quite a bit of garbage. The spiritual garbage that we have collected up until that point does not just disappear, if that were the case we would all be healed of all diseases and mental disorders and such the second we were saved and we know that is not the case.  Jesus intended discipleship for new believers which included setting one free from demonic oppression.

We have a body of believers in this country suffering with everything from depression to porn addiction and everything in between because we have a church that doesn’t understand deliverance.  The Greek word for salvation used in the New Testament is SOZO. SOZO means saved, healed, delivered.  When we get saved, Jesus’s intention was also to heal us from what ails us in the flesh, and deliver us from what ails us in the spirit, scripturally both are from satan. Saving us from Hell in the after life is only half of the story. He wants us to have LIBERTY on earth as well.

If reading this gave you hope for freedom and you would like more information about deliverance or are interested in how my team and I can help you, you can visit the DELIVERANCE page here

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