How to Overcome Fear Forever

This is true in my own life and spelled out in scripture to boot. That means, this key to overcoming fear forever will work for anyone who seeks to understand it, including you.

Some Backstory

Years ago I suffered with severe panic attacks and anxiety to the point where I almost became agoraphobic.  Any amount of stress no matter how minute or indirect, would send me into panic.  I couldn’t even watch an action movie without panic rising up in a violent threat of taking over. I hated getting in cars where I wasn’t driving and flying was a brutal battle that kept me bound to only a short distance from home.  The memory of the last panic attack brought panic which meant I was almost always in panic.

It ends up my adrenals were malfunctioning and overproducing cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) to the point of pumping it through my body 24/7.  After seeking the Lord for answers which I knew would never include daily meds, He lead me to answers in the natural world that helped me cope and live somewhat ‘normal.’ I lived that way for years, I knew that I needed to take extra Holy Basil and pray for days before getting on a flight, and I needed to take Adrenasense vitamins daily to keep my adrenal glands healthy.  I was better, but I wasn’t yet healed and whole.

Paul’s Story

In Acts 23: 11 we see the word of the Lord come to Paul, “The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.” 

There are a couple of things to note here, for starters ‘the Lord stood near Paul.’ Paul’s relationship with Jesus was such that Jesus would come and stand by him to talk! That is where we must start if we want to over come fear, Seeking Jesus is a never ending endeavor. We can never get to the end of Him and we can always press in closer. Do that.

After that the Lord says, ‘take courage’. Why did He say that? Because he had pans for Paul that must be completed. He wanted Paul to know that He had nothing to fear because His purpose for him would be fulfilled as long as Paul was following Him.

Then, get this, He tells Paul what is coming next! ‘As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.’

The Home of Death

After that, we read in Acts 27 how Paul, still a prisoner, is put on a ship to sail for Rome and guess where the ship was from? ‘And entering into a ship of Adramyttium, we launched, meaning to sail by the coasts of Asia…’ That word ‘Adramyttium’ is literally translated to ‘I shall abide in death.’ Paul was put on a ship that came from the home of DEATH to sail the across the sea to Rome. And the journey lived up to it’s home port’s name that’s for sure. They switched boats at some point but the whole time the wind was against them, then they encountered a huge tempest and eventually the difficult trip ended in shipwreck with threat of death from the sea and even fearful & murderous soldiers who’s plan was to kill all prisoners including Paul. 

Enough Is Enough

As they finally came ashore in Malta in Acts 28, Paul is getting warm by a fire and is bit by a poisonous viper. Seriously, I think I would’ve looked up to God and shouted, “C’mon! Enough is enough already!” But not Paul. The natives assume he is a dead man, but Paul shakes it off and moves on. 

The Key

Paul had so many reasons to fear, prison, storms, shipwrecks, deadly snake bites, but we read in 27: 34 that he was urging the soldier to eat and encouraging them by telling them that not one hair would be harmed on any of them! He was not afraid! Why? Because he knew his DESTINY. It was knowing his destiny in Jesus that allowed him not to fear during a tempest at sea to the point of being the encourager to the others. It was knowing his destiny in Jesus that enabled him to shake off the snake and not fear it’s poison.  The key to overcoming ALL FEAR is knowing our personal destiny in Christ.

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The End of My Fear

At the end of 2013, God started planting seeds that He wanted me to go to Brazil with Global Awakening to learn about healing and deliverance.  Brazil is a ten hour flight from here and I was afraid of flying remember?  BUT GOD CALLED. Just as He told Paul he would go to Rome, He told me to go to Brazil. It was part of my destiny in Him and as such, I was able to keep the fear at bay. The flight was incredibly bumpy but I was at peace more than I ever had been on any other flight. In Brazil He further spoke destiny into my spirit, broke off demons of fear and control and replaced the places they occupied with His pure PEACE while I was in a vision on my last full day there.  

The airplane ride on the way home may as well have been a merry-go-round at the local park. I had ZERO fear. Then I got home and as planes soared overhead which used to give me pause and panic, now I watched and wondered where the Father would be taking me next. The answer is Israel. In about two weeks, and San Francisco to minister deliverance to an old friend next week. My life with Jesus is now the awesome adventure He intends for us all. I am walking in my destiny in Him in total excitement and pure peace and know that nothing evil can harm me because I am abiding in Him. (Luke 10:19) You can have the same.  The key to overcoming fear is seeking Him until you are so close that you can hear Him whispering your DESTINY to your heart.

The key to overcoming fear is seeking Him until you are so close that you can hear Him whispering your DESTINY.… Click To Tweet

You can read about God’s call for me to go to Brazil here, and watch the testimony of the dream He gave me as a call to Israel below. 

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