The False Idea of PEACE

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” ~Jesus the Savior, Matthew 10:34
Jesus IS PEACE and we have that most beautiful fruit when His Holy Spirit lives in us as individuals. There is nothing more wonderful. But-He DID NOT come to make peace on the ‘EARTH’ as a whole.
His coming on the earth was to eradicate the works of the devil. Good vs evil. Light vs dark. He came to win the WAR on humanity that was started by satan.
War is MESSY. People will get offended and angry, they will have mental breakdowns and project their hate onto those who are spreading true LOVE that exposes darkness in order to save as Jesus intended. They will blame shift and falsely accuse, they will switch sides under the pressure and persecution of being unpopular. They will twist and confuse and seek comfort and cry out “UNITY & PEACE is the way!” They will forget that Jesus came wielding a sword and that division is inevitable as long as satan roams the earth.
Trying to create a comfortable, peaceful, warm and fuzzy middle ground for the earth to exist in was never an option. We are in a war and everyone must pick a side. Choose wisely, and once you do be prepared to fight in order to rescue others from the clutches of very same darkness that you were once lost in.

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