Setting Them Free In Jesus

So they can set others free

One of my favorite testimonies to come back from India, although, they are really ALL my favorite! I always get tears of joy and even more awe, if possible, for our Lord Jesus for all that He did and continues to do as I read these testimonies. This is what it is all about, setting people free in Jesus so that they can then go out and set others free. Hope it blesses you…

One day a girl named Bhagyashree saw me on the road and greeted me and said that she was very happy for attending the youth conference and she shared an incident that in her life after she attended the youth conference. She said that ” ”Brother, I have a friend who is a Hindu. Besides her house there is a lady who has caught by demons. That lady used to shout, laugh loudly and behaved in an unusual manner creating fear in every one near her. As I usually pray and go to church regularly my friend asked me to come to that lady’s house and pray for her because they are afraid of her. Then we both went to that lady’s house, she appeared very dangerous to us because she saw us and started shouting loudly and talking something that is unusual. For an instant I was very scared and want to leave that place but i closed my eyes and gave a thought to myself that nothing is greater than my lord Jesus Christ in the whole universe and I should not be afraid of those evil spirits. Then I kept my hand on her head and prayed for that lady. When I was praying for her there we saw a miracle that the lady who was shouting all the time became silent. She was relieved from the demons. On the day of youth conference sister SHERRI and RACHEL prayed for me. They prayed by keeping their hands in my hands. I felt the Holy Spirit my hands through them and this Holy Spirit helped me to help that lady from casting out that demon in her. Seeing the power of Jesus Christ my friend who is from a Hindu family is now believing in Jesus Christ and and asking me about Jesus Christ and i am telling her. So I want to thank all those missionaries who came here and showed us how holy spirit would help us in a bad situation. And please pray for my friend also so that she could get baptized and believe in Jesus Christ more strongly.

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