Restoring Godly Feminism

Attention Christian Women! 
I was praying today and the Lord prompted me to look up the false/demon goddess called Ashtoreth. Ends up, she is the CONSORT OF BAAL, and listen to this, from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia- 
“In Babylonia and Assyria Ashteroh (aka Ishtar)was the goddess of love and war. An old Babylonian legend related how the descent of Ishtar into Hades in search of her dead husband, Tammuz, was followed by the CESSATION OF MARRIAGE AND BIRTH IN BOTH EARTH AND HEAVEN….”
Sounds like the worship of this demon goddess could be a foundation for what we call feminism today. Think about when women marched out on their husband’s to burn their bras and demand that their bodies are their own and fought for abortion rights. A mental and spiritual cessation of marriage and birth!!!!
Let’s all repent for the false worship of Ashtoreth in our land and release forgiveness for our ancestors who worshiped her blindly and for the millions of women who are bound and blinded by her now! 
Father in heaven, we confess and turn from the sin of idol worship of Ashtoreth right now! We repent on behalf of our ancestors who falsely worshiped this demon goddess and allowed her to twist their thinking and the thinking of women for generations to come to be contrary to your holy word. Please forgive us as we forgive those who are partnering with her even now. Father, we are so sorry for seeking blessings and life outside of you. For YOU and you alone are the Creator and the one who blesses us. 
We break our agreement with satan, ashtoreth and any other false gods or goddesses that are working with and under her (such as jezebel) to distort generations of women. We ask you to break the twisting of the word ‘LOVE’ by this false goddes in Jesus name! We ask you to break the power to cause WAR in families in Jesus’ name! We ask right now as we repent for you to break her power off of this land in JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME! Release GRACE for MARRIAGES, TRUTH, PEACE, HUMILITY, TRUE FEMININITY AND LOVE to replace the generations of false feminism, by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus holy name, amen!

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2 thoughts on “Restoring Godly Feminism

  1. Restoring Godly feminisn……….wow! Great word! Many women are in marriages that have mentally checked out and feel this way and many may even be widowed and in their hearts not ever “going to go there again” because of deep wounds, not realizing the operation of this evil spirit.

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts Donna! The enemy is hiding in plain sight :/ Blinding so many. Our repentance can bring the truth that will set more free!

      In Jesus,