Gabi’s Angel

Prophetic Angel Painting

Before I talk about what this angel was doing when I saw it, please check out my first angel painting, ‘Grace’s Angel’ for some background and a bit of angel theology.  I feel the need to reiterate again and again, when I see & paint angels they are gifts from our Father in Heaven for the purpose of […]

Strength for Battle

Folks, DO NOT even entertain that first little seed of discouragement. Give it no place to land, no place to take root to find nourishment in your soul. If the enemy can get you to take the bait of discouragement then he is one step closer to getting you to accept hopelessness, if he can […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Warfare

Avoiding pitfalls and keeping yourself under His umbrella of protection

Just about two weeks ago God called me to start interceding for this region under the covering of a church that my husband and I just started attending. I have never thought of myself as an intercessor in the traditional sense but the prompting was relentless. I woke everyday with a picture of myself praying […]

Let’s Talk Self Talk

Is it really you talking?

I recently had a discussion with my teenage nephew after he shared that a teacher at his school was murdered by her husband. The man then ran into the middle of their street and took his own life.  My sweet nephew was shocked, appalled and at a loss to understand why someone wouldn’t just get […]

Prayer for Trick Or Treaters

Let your light shine

We’re Missing the Point Everyone is talking about the roots of Halloween and whether or not Christian’s should participate because of said roots.  Pagan roots, celtic druid roots, catholic roots, the list keeps going but I think everyone is missing the point.   It doesn’t matter where the holiday came from, today, just like any […]