Things have been quiet here on the blog lately because God has me so busy elsewhere! That seems to always be the case. I am either writing, or I am designing & selling but there is never enough time to do both! Here is my December in a nutshell….  Three Prophetic Words  In a matter […]

Trump’s Burden

A call to prayer

I had a dream last night. Take it for what it is. And I want to preface the dream by saying that I have followed almost nothing of the presidential debate. The last thing I read or watched was the bad lip syncing version of the first republican debate a month ago because it’s hilarious. […]

Sunflowers, Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

An End Times Revival Vision

3:30 am Prayer As I turned to the Father to pray for our nation during a rare awake time at 3:30 am last night, I saw a field of sunflowers with giant heads tilted upward toward the sun. As the sun traveled from east to west, their gaze followed its glorious rays, forever looking directly […]

Seeing Angels Part III- Finances & Prosperity

The final part of the story of Seeing Angels at the Global Awakening Empowered conference in Atlanta 2015! The best part is that since returning from the conference I have learned to press in by faith and continue to ask the lord where and how He is working, and in His beautiful grace, He continues […]