Restoring Godly Feminism

Attention Christian Women!  I was praying today and the Lord prompted me to look up the false/demon goddess called Ashtoreth. Ends up, she is the CONSORT OF BAAL, and listen to this, from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia-  “In Babylonia and Assyria Ashteroh (aka Ishtar)was the goddess of love and war. An old Babylonian legend […]

The Word of the Lord for 2017

Enter with a SHOUT!!!

A Disclaimer I am one who kind of scoffs at general prophetic words for the masses when I scroll across them on facebook or elsewhere. They just never sit right with me as I do not believe that God is saying the same thing to ALL people at the same time about what their future […]

The Christmas spirit

Do not let the ‘Christmas spirit’ manipulate you….   There are people who really love this time of year and get caught up in the swirl and twirl of it all, spending beyond their means, doing more than they have time for, embracing everything glitzy about the season- but forgetting to press into Jesus, the […]