On Trump and Saul

Something is amiss

I keep saying that I am wrestling with God about Trump and I keep thinking that my settling will come in the morning but alas, I am still wrestling!  But I do want to share what the Lord has shown me so far…

The night before the election I had a dream, I shared part of it that day on facebook and later on my blog.  I held back the other part of the dream because I was still processing. I kind of still am but I believe it is time to share. Here is the text of the dream in detail that I sent my pastor’s wife Nancy that morning, November 9th, 2016. This post has been updated since I first wrote it a few days ago to include all the details of the dream in its entirety.

The Dream

I was in a big house with a lot of people. The house looked like your typical old ‘haunted’ type house (but it was not at all haunted, just saying that to tell you the ‘look’ of the house.) It was a commune type situation where we were like-minded and content to be working and living together. I knew them in the sense that I knew we were all the same but didn’t really know them. (I recognized no one from real life.) 

A about half of the people went out to the front yard where there were red berries planted in rows like a farm. The whole yard was rows of small nondescript plants with the red berries. The people all bent down and started to pick and eat the berries. The instant they ate they all fell to their death while the rest of us watched through the door and windows.  There was no shock, sorrow or mourning. It was as if I knew that it needed to happen. Like it was part of God’s plan and we were all good with that. 

Immediately after that the house started shifting back and forth left to right in about 2ft horizontal sections moving in opposite directions. It was a plate shifting type of earthquake under the house and the whole house was reeling back and forth. I felt no fear. The earthquake was also, like the deaths from the berries, expected and necessary in my mind. I woke in the midst of the quake to the Holy Spirit saying ‘The house must shake. The house must shake. The house must shake.”

There was zero fear or negative emotion of any kind. It was the middle of the night and I asked the Holy Spirit to make sure I remembered it all upon waking in the morning. I should also mention that the only color in the whole dream was the red berries. Everything else was grays, like a cloudy day in winter, even the plants that the berries were on were gray.

I woke in the middle of the night thinking it relates to the nation but I wasn’t sure.  

She called me just a few minutes later to help me process what the Lord was trying to say.  Myself and two others all instantly thought that the red berries indicated ‘republican’ and I wondered if the ones that ate the berries were the ones who voted for Trump-but remember, in the dream the dying was not sorrowful or bad, and as I processed I remembered all the scriptures in the bible where dying is a requirement to follow Christ, but yet, the red berry part of the dream stuck with me for weeks. Even now, and I am still unsettled and taking this into fasting as of the first of the year. It became clear upon waking and in discussion about the dream that the house and the people in it represented Christians. You can read more about that here.

To Celebrate or Mourn?

While half of the Christian community celebrates the Trump victory and praises God for His answers to prayer, the other half mourns in fear. What is going on here? How can people who claim to read the same bible and follow the same Savior be so very far apart about this person and his current role in God’s story? Clearly some are not hearing correctly, but who?

All of the prophetic voices are hearing that Trump is God’s choice. I’ve seen prophecies as far back as 2007 that point to Trump and what He will do for America and they are spot on! Seemingly undeniable! Even I had a dream that Trump was separate from all the rest of them (read it here), and I have a friend who was anti-Trump to the umpth degree and the Lord gave her a dream in favor of him showing that he would make Christians comfortable if he were in the white house. But, since when are we supposed to be comfortable? Hmm. Herein lies the problem I think, something is amiss. All signs point to great blessings and improvements to our nation coming from God’s hand directly through Trump, but yet, I cannot rest. God will not let me rest. I am staring Trump in the face praying for DISCERNMENT with every breath and I wholeheartedly believe that you must do the same. We MUST share God’s heart moment by moment, for Trump is not God’s puppet, his free will is still intact. And what of US? What about our hearts?


I cringed and my spirit mourned again and again when the people of this nation started to call Obama ‘HOPE’ not so long ago. For it rang too much like an old testament story about false worship and golden calves for my taste.  Our hope is in no man. If you have read this far, you are one that knows this! Yet the words I see about Trump coming from my Christians friends are just about the same as those lost ones calling Obama ‘Hope’ in the last election!

I watched a video speech of Trump the other day where he said, and I quote, “When America is unified there is nothing beyond our reach, and I mean absolutely nothing.” That sounds great but isn’t that what got the people of Babel in trouble? Hmmm. 

The scripture that will not let me go these days is all of Matthew 24 but especially 24:24 “…so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.”  

Many will come on the scene that are voluntarily under the power the spirit of the antichrist and we need to be looking at everyone with discernment, yes, even our chosen candidate. It is no secret that I believe Obama is one of said antichrists and also believe that the Clintons are part of the same antichrist agenda so Trump winning is a breath of fresh air, but it is not time to rest.

A Lesson in Saul

As I prayed and prayed about this on Saturday morning the Lord sent me to read about Saul and what I found should call us to repentance! You really need to read Samuel chapters 10-12 to get the complete story, but here is the gist-

God saves the Israelites and takes them out of Egypt. They complain and beg for God to set a king over them. They wanted a man to rule over them so God chooses Saul and anoints him through Samuel. The Holy Spirit rushes upon Saul so now he is a mighty prophet and some of the people celebrate shouting “Long live the king!” But some other people referred to in 10:27 as ‘worthless fellows’ said, “”How can this man save us?” And they despised him and brought him no present.”

Moving on, the Holy Spirit comes on Saul, then the men of Israel to defeat the Amorites, and afterwards the people want to put the ‘worthless fellows’ who did not believe that Saul was God’s man to death because they have their proof that he is great and saved them from their enemy. (11;12 “Who is it that said, ‘Shall Saul reign over us?’ Bring the men, that we may put them to death.”) But Saul says that not a man shall be put to death because it is THE LORD who saved them that day. Then everyone rejoices and makes Saul king. (Interesting-God has already made Saul king, but these people are so prideful that they think it is their choice and not official until they do it!)

Fast forward to chapter 12, we see Samuel retiring and reminding the people of how God saved them again and again and yet they still cried out for a man to be king.  Read what Samuel says to them in vs 14 “If you will fear the Lord and serve him and obey his voice and not rebel against the commandment of the Lord, and if both you and the king who reigns over you will follow the Lord your God, it will be well.  But if you will not obey the voice of the Lord, but rebel against the commandment of the Lord, then the hand of the Lord will be against you and your king.”

Do we see what a big deal this is? No matter who is in the white house our God reigns and will save His people, but just as the Israelites of old did for Saul, His people today cried out for a king, namely Trump, and should he choose not to serve the Lord, we will suffer as a result. 

What I say next is not to pat myself on the back by any stretch, but rather to make a point as to why my spirit is so unsettled even though I see God’s hand and Spirit upon Trump. I went to bed on election night not caring who won. I knew come morning I would be seeking the face of Jesus to tell me my role for that day in this end times season, just like any other day regardless of who won. But what I woke up to was a world in either jubilant celebration or heartbroken mourning-all because of the new king of America. Both camps have put their hope in a man.  I am on the verge of tears even typing this. None of this is okay. We now are responsible…our king MUST serve the Lord or His hand will be against us AND our king. Are you seeing this?  This is a heart thing, if you are one of the people who ate the red berries in crying out for Trump to win, YOU have set your heart on a king. According to the story of Saul, it makes no difference if that king is God’s chosen or not.

At this point the Israelites finally understood their sin in asking for a king and they cried out in repentance asking Samuel to beseech the Lord on their behalf. Is it time that we too repent? YES, we pray for Trump to do good in the eyes of the Lord, we pray for Trump as a human who has a really tough job and needs a Savior, and we pray for our nation to turn their hearts to Jesus! YES!  But we do not look to Trump to save us. And we surely do not question God’s choice for us.  Both camps have major issues here and are in need of seeking God for how to repent for their own sinful role in how this is all playing out. Are you hailing Trump as the answer? (Ask yourself if you are thinking and acting differently than you would if Hillary would’ve won.) Are you playing the part of the worthless fellow that is appalled at God’s choice? Or are you pointing at anything Trump does right as proof that you were correct and calling for the ‘death’ of those that questioned him? (Remember there is the power of life and death in your words!)

Where do YOU personally stand on all of this? I can tell you where I stand and you may not agree with me. I don’t care. I am living for the audience of ONE and my heart is clean before Him.  I did NOT VOTE. I felt called NOT to vote. I was in the shaking house but did not eat the red berries. I believe that was the Lord’s message to me that I was to be one of His that did not vote. I prayed until the last hour to be sure and then with total peace, did not vote. My concern today is the same exact concern that it would be if Hillary was elected- it is to go to the ends of the earth making disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (And ironically, there is even a verse about the wheat harvest right smack dab in the middle of this Saul story! Read 12: 17, Is it not the wheat harvest today? I will call out to the Lord that He will send thunder and rain…) That will never change. That is God’s will for me and for YOU. I think that mission will be easier for us with Trump in the white house for a number of reasons, but yet at the same time I recognize that people come to Christ is great numbers during times of persecution so maybe easier isn’t exactly better.

I will keep seeking God’s face on these matters and will post more as He leads but for now, remember what happens to Saul later in his life story? He loses his mind in jealousy connected to ego and pride and it becomes the death of him. So many people are singing the praises of Trump and how God has chosen him that the temptation to give into pride and a savior mentality must be immense. We must pray for him, after all, he is just human, just like us.

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8 thoughts on “On Trump and Saul

  1. The first thing that stands out to me about the berries is the straight rows. They are cultivated. Planted and groomed in orderly manner. They have been established by someone, man. Donald Trump was the anti-establishment candidate. Everyone else, (except Ben Carson) and especially Hillary Clinton was establishment. Even the republican candidates were establishment. We saw how other republicans of the establishment turned on Mr. Trump and actually voted for Hillary Clinton. The fruit that grew from the man made vineyard was deadly.

    • Interesting take Colleen! Thanks for sharing! Hmmmm. If the people group I was with represented REPUBLICANS and not Christians like I thought, then why I was not sad at the death of half of them when they ate the berries makes perfect sense. The PARTY as we know it was dying, but not the actual people. What is left of the party will continue to be shaken in the house…Hmmmm. I am liking this! Let me pray through it some more!

  2. Another point of view:

    Like the fruit of the tree that Eve ate, this world offers us bright red enticing “fruit” that looks SO good to “pick” including two presidential candidates that tickle the ears of those who are looking for a savior to save us from the consequences of sin, but not necessarily from the sin itself. Many people who “call” themselves Christians, but are not, will leave the house of the LORD enticed away by the bright fruit of this world. True Believers will not eat the fruit of this world (fruit that grows on dead vines) no matter how good it looks, even as this world grows darker, and will remain in the house though the house of God will be shaken and rocked. We can have peace in knowing what season we are in and that the coming of LORD is drawing nigh. [Although, I would think we would be sad to see the deaths of the berry pickers, but yet would we not actually be a bit thankful that “the wolves have left the sheep,” that the false have left the true so as not to try and deceive anyone in the house anymore?]

    You shall know them by their fruits. Mr. Trump comes to us from the casino owning business and was a Democrat up until he decided to run for president. He built Trump Tower in Chicago with millions in financing from George Soros. He threw a birthday bash for George Soros a few years ago. The Trump Family Foundation has given more than one hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton Family Foundation. He was good friends with the Clintons prior to the election. He is establishment. He has spoken vulgar words during his campaign. These are not judgments but facts. Can the LORD “use” him for the LORD’s people as He used Cyrus for the captives in Babylon? Yes He can. We can be confident that the LORD will use him as He will “for such a time as this.” As Believers we must desire obedience to our LORD over comfort, economic strength, acceptance…and red berries. Even as I type this my own temptations and weaknesses are ever before me, but to God be the strength in me and the glory! Could it be that we are entering into a gray season in U.S. history where we will be offered to pick the bright red berries offered to us on dry dead vines?

    After much prayer (and reading the first part of your dream before I went in to vote) I could not vote for either candidate as well. Many people gave me many reasons to vote one way or the other, but for me both candidates represented a system and a worldview that I cannot endorse. I also went to sleep before the outcome was determined and I was extremely surprised at the emotions, on both sides, surrounding the outcome of this election. I know that many people had personal reasons and good hopeful reasons to vote for their candidate of choice and I am not at all critical of anyone. This was a difficult election to know what to do and it was with a weighted heart that I did not exercise my right to vote that so many died for!

    I look forward to hearing more!

    My hope is in the LORD. May God help us.

    Sidenote: Ben Carson is for mandatory vaccines and sits on the board of Costco (look into the owners) as well as a number of other corporate interests…as a brain surgeon(?). Again, not a judgement, but it just raises questions in my mind (that Dr. Carson may be able to answer satisfactorily). We must be gentle as doves but as wise as serpents and pray, pray, pray.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cyndi! The problem with that point of view is that the people who voted red are 90% of my friends, they are absolutely true Christ followers.

      I got the final revelation of the dream yesterday! I will write about what the Lord showed me in the next couple of days.

  3. Oh my – I hope I have not offended anyone!! Just to clarify, my husband is a true believer and voted for Trump, and I only decided not to vote at the last minute! I did not mean those that voted for Trump or Clinton would die (I don’t think God categorizes us by party! Nor that we will die because we are affiliated with one party over another -it is about the heart!). I wasn’t thinking of the berry pickers as dead because of voting, but dead to their faith in Christ because of their ABSOLUTE faith in a worldly system — you can vote for someone but not put your faith in them alone – we are in this world but not OF it.

    I am sorry if I offended everyone who voted! It was a very difficult election and I have Christian friends who voted for Hilary because their husbands are in the Union and she is for Union jobs and other Christian friends who voted for Trump because they believe he can save our economy and none of these reasons are sinful nor bad!

    • Oh goodness, I do not offend that easily. And if I am offended I run with the offenses straight to the Lord to release it immediately and repent for any yuck in my own heart. 😉 No worries at all. Thank you for all of your thoughts!

  4. Sherri, upon reading this, my heart skipped a few beats as i, too, want to be within the will of God. If you are saying that those that voted for Trump are deceived and should not have voted, but waited, then we are all walking in the wilderness. God gave us our mind to think and it is our duty to understand what is neededon the political front. We cannot know this without keeping up via news or a “dream” or “premonition” from God. It saddens me now that i voted. Yet, i felt it the right thing to do. Should Clinton have been elected, then, where would we be under God? Would we be murdering babies? Still? The Holy Spirit fills me too. Yet, as Trump, i am only human, as well. You have turned my joy of thinking America will, once again, be a God blessed country, into sadness. For what?? Voting?? This is now a struggle for me. Pastors such as the Grahams and Pastor Jeffrey’s and so, so many more were leading us. I thanked God for their leadership. Are you saying that they, too, have been deceived? I love your website and often love your insight. However, this time, i am not sure which way to turn for light. Jesus will get me there, but encouragement from one that is assigned to be of encouragement such as you, eludes me rhis time. With my heart heavy, i pray you can help all feeling this way not to be discouraged because we voted. We voted how we felt lead and to get there was a difficult process this year. How we need God. How i want Him touching my every thought and decision. Remember, you held the platter of encouragement before us the day before the election. Now?? Poison red berries?? I just don’t get it. I am praying for discernment and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    • Hi Pat, I am so sorry that you found this post discouraging, I have to speak what the Lord is telling me to speak and I believe this post and those that follow on this subject ARE encouraging! My job is to spur on in the Lord and I believe this post does that, even if it is not what some want to hear.

      You seem to think that I was encouraging voting for Trump, then didn’t and am now saying all who did are bad. That is not at all what I did or am doing! I have been saying for months pre-election that I see what God is doing in and through Trump, YET, He won’t let me rest. I have said again and again that I am WRESTLING. I have been honest the whole time.

      I do not think those who voted for Trump are deceived, I never said that. But there is a heart issue in some that are hailing Trump as the answer just like some hailed Obama, and some Israelites hailed Saul! Jesus is the answer and He remains the answer no matter who is in office and the second we start buying into Trump being the one to “make America great again”-we are ‘off’ and open to deception. If America becomes ‘great’ it will be because of the repentance of the people according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, our blessing of Israel, and GOD’S hand to answer. Yes He uses people and is already using Trump, but WE who know the Lord need to be pointing out at every turn that it is GOD who will make us great, lest we forget and lest it all go to Trump’s head when we should be the one’s helping him to remain humble.

      This is not a Trump issue, this is a heart issue. Only you know your own heart, and if you are wrestling after reading about the red berries, like I have been since November 8th, then the best thing to do is take it right to the Lord in prayer and fasting. He will answer you.

      I would also suggest that you read all the insights that have come since this was written. God keep unfolding more and more-the details and interpretations all give different levels of understanding of what the Lord was trying to say-but the big pictures is that it is the HARVEST that matters, if we spend Trump’s time in office celebrating and enjoying the blessings of prosperity and peace, then we have totally, completely miss the whole point. Those who do that are the voters that ate the red berries. Those who ignore the bad fruit coming from Trump and swallow all he does because of their own pride in admitting where he is ‘off’, are also red berry eaters! DISCERNMENT is key!

      You said you just want to be in the will of God, all of us can be at any given moment. If you ask Him to search your heart and find that there was a wrong motive or belief when you voted, a moments repentance is all it takes to get you right back on track with the Lord. There is nothing more encouraging than that!

      Merry Christmas and God bless you Pat, thanks for reading and expressing your heart! I’m sure there are others who felt the same after reading this post and you have helped me to clarify my words.

      In Him,