Ipseity = Identity

‘Ipseity’: selfhood, individual identity, individuality.

In May of 2014 a well know prophet prophesied over me that I would be creating jewelry that not only made women feel beautiful, but helped them to understand their identity in Christ, S.O. Loved is the fruit of that prophetic word and it was happening before I even remembered the prophecy. God is so good and He will carry out His will one way or another, but it is so much fun when we are willing participants!

Introducing the New So. Loved  Ipseity Necklaces

I Am New


You are your best self when you are surrendered fully to Christ. Only then can you fulfill the destiny that you were created for, and only YOU can fulfill your destiny. There is no one else like you and only YOU can walk in your calling! Embrace it!

signatureP.S. This month’s Ministry of the Month is Hopewood Haven in Greenwood, SC. 10% of all sales in April will be donated to help their efforts as they the war on Human trafficking, and bring healing & freedom to their rescued survivors in Jesus’ name.

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One thought on “Ipseity = Identity

  1. Dear Sherri,
    I would love to order a necklace for my sister. I have a idea for something unique. Could you call me and see if it is possible.
    She and I have both ordered from you before and LOVE your stuff.
    Jill Duvall 630-292-0568