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Hi friends, I am taking a break from the Online Workshops for a bit because the Lord has me busy with other ministry opportunities. I am working with River City Church in St. Charles, IL on a Spiritual Warfare Conference that will happen later this year, putting together a team to minister with me on a ten day missions trip to India in October, keeping very busy with the 39 Baker Drive Etsy Shop that I share with my husband Randy, ministering FREEDOM to individuals through Inner Healing & Deliverance, as well as painting the ministering angels and prophecies that God has been showing me! Whew! I am busy and SO GRATEFUL, I love my life with Jesus! Click on any of the above links to see how to get involved with everything I am up to or visit the Work With Me page any time.
God bless and I hope to see you soon!

I am Do you ever wonder why some people seem to hear God’s voice so easily when He doesn’t seem to be talking to YOU? Are they really hearing from God? How can we know? And more importantly, if they are, how can YOU hear His voice too?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not some mystery that we have to spend a lifetime trying to figure out. God wants us to hear Him. Everything we need to know about recognizing His voice, He put in His word.
In the Imaginative Prayer Workshop we dive right in to scripture to seek Him & His ways and the Holy Spirit does the rest. It is always amazing and God always gets the glory.  

Format & Schedule

You set your own pace & schedule to participate as much or little as you like. (The more you participate, the more you get out of our time together of course!)  Each morning you will receive an email with a link to the password protected lesson for that day. Each lesson includes a prompt for you to practice as you have time. As each person in the group comes back to comment with what the Lord has done, we see how He draws us together to minister as the body from all over the nation.  It’s truly incredible! I am always in awe of His faithfulness as He shows Himself so beautifully to each of us as we go!

What We Will Learn

We will cover these topics and so much more!
“What is imaginative prayer?”
“Did Jesus practice this kind of prayer?”
“Aren’t we supposed to cast down false imaginations?”
“How do I know if I am hearing from God, the enemy or if it is just my own thoughts?”

I believe that every Christian can benefit from a workshop like this, no matter how old they are in the Lord. Listening for the voice of the Lord among other believers creates an atmosphere of faith and expectation that invites Jesus to come fellowship with and among us. It’s beautiful and I never tire of it.  Can’t wait for the next Day One!  See you there,
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P.S. If you haven’t watched Introduction to Imaginative Prayer: Seeing with the eyes of your HEART, click here and look in the sidebar to sign up to get the free teaching!

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7 thoughts on “Imaginative Prayer Workshops

  1. First, I don’t know HOW I ever missed subscribing to your blog! That’s fixed now. 🙂 Second, do you have a share button for the Imaginative Prayer Workshop? Love you, girl!

  2. Thank You for your workshop Sherri. I have been receiving more dreams then visions especially since my deliverance in 2007.

  3. Hi Sherri, I recently discovered your blog and wow, your ministry and teaching is amazing. I saw that I missed the imaginative prayer workshop back in November. I really really want to participate in one of these, I long to have something like this to fire up my prayer life and help me be more sensitive to the Lord’s voice. Are you going to be doing another one any time soon?? I want to stay in the loop! Thank you so much for obeying the Lord and blessing so many people with your teaching. 🙂

    • Hi Alexandria! So sorry I missed your comment back in February! I am not sure when the next one will be. The Lord has me so busy with Freedom Ministry (ministering in deliverance and inner healing) that it is difficult to find time for much else! I will be sure to keep you posted if another one gets scheduled soon 🙂
      In Him,