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I am looking for partners! I am praying about a new dream these days and have something bubbling wonderful up under the surface of my heart. <3 It’s been there for a long time but God is refining the vastness of it to a tangible focus and I am doing all I can not to sprint ahead of Him! So exciting! But it is bigger than me, way bigger. I am small and inadequate. But I am a jar of clay, soft and usable in the hands of a mighty God and am looking for other jars to sit on the shelf of this dream with me!

I want to team up with people in such a way that we are functioning as the body of Christ in perfect complimentary unison.  I want to build this dream with people I can look up to and learn from, but that are humble enough to learn from the other team members as well.  People that know when to talk & when to listen, when to kneel at His throne in silence & when to march and blow their trumpet.

If you think this might be YOU, please pray about it and message me.

Ideal candidates will LOVE Jesus with all their heart and soul and be willing to serve Him and serve others above all else. They will have an absolute desperation to see people set free in Jesus and a desire to teach others how to find JOY and their true identity in Christ.

I am specifically looking for someone with mad skills in the arena of Social Media & Marketing that is looking for a seedling to nurture and grow into a giant mustard tree in the Kingdom garden.

I am also looking for someone way business savvy. Someone who can hear the ramblings of a creative heart like mine and understand what it’s going to take to make the magic of it all happen. (Budget, Time, people, etc.)

The two aforementioned people, may come in just one body-or it may be three or more?  They may live in the Chicago area (ideally) or maybe Go To Meeting will become our new office space?

God knows and I am praying He would move on the perfect hearts right now. That He would build this dream team in His way and His timing for His GLORY. That is all that matters!

Please message me if your heart is burning with Holy Spirit fire as you read this!  But only after you’ve prayed, laid aside your will, and sought only His. 

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