Even the demons obey in your name…

Siblings delivered from demons in India

On the first day and the last day of our India mission we visited a Hindu tent village for church. Our contact in India had been evangelizing this community for a couple of years (if I remember right) and most of them had gotten saved. However, the teaching is severely lacking, most don’t have bibles and their knowledge of what it means to be a Jesus follower is non-existent.  They didn’t even have basic understanding of forgiveness for instance.  More on that in another post…


While Steve, one of our team, was preaching there was a mom and two children in the front row that were causing quite the ruckus. The mom was holding a baby who was lethargic and without emotion of any kind. Her older sister was whining, screaming, hitting and clawing at the baby and her mother.  Mostly going for the eyes of the baby with aggressive, harmful intent.  The mother was embarrassed but did not want to leave. After a few minutes I beckoned her to bring her children off to the side, they needed deliverance and now was as good a time as any.

I grabbed Rachel, another team member, and a translator and started asking the mom about the necklace on the older girl’s neck. Yes it was Hindu, yes she was willing to get rid of it.  Her older cousin used her teeth to cut it free from the girls neck and we threw it in a spot that had evidence of fire from the previous night. We had the mom renounce all false gods but could not deliver the girl.

I then asked to hold the lethargic baby and found jewelry around her waist. Mom said it was placed there by the girl’s father to ward off evil spirits. I quickly taught her that the blood of Jesus is our only protection from evil spirits and asked if she was willing to remove it. She was afraid, stating that the girl’s father is Hindu and would be upset if I removed it. So I had her place her hand on the jewelry and ask the Lord’s forgiveness for idol worship, renounce her involvement and plead the blood of Jesus over the piece-breaking off any unholy affiliation. As she did this I started calling out and casting out any demon spirit the Lord brought to mind. In just few seconds, the baby lifted her head and started laughing out loud! The wide eyed mom was shocked and overjoyed! With each demon I called out a new laugh bubbled up and the baby had us all giggling and praising Jesus for the awesome power of His name! It was my favorite deliverance EVER. The picture below is about five minutes later-all smiles. From emotionless to JOY in JESUS’ name in a matter of seconds. 

Now for her older sister…I am not sure why the demons would not come out. She was glaring, hitting and whining at all of us who tried to get close. Both Rachel and I took turns holding her in order to minister but she squirmed and screamed to get back to her mom. After her little sister was delivered I went and grabbed Steve and had him come and help. He ministered while Rachel and I interceded and eventually the demons fled and the girl calmed and started smiling! Her whole countenance changed.  I was praying in tongues over her and was given a new spiritual language by the Holy Spirit during the deliverance! That’s amazing to me since I have been speaking the same one for 15 years!  

I am not sure why Rachel and I alone could not deliver this girl. Maybe it took the prayers of three, maybe it needed to be a man because her father was the one that gave the demons the stronghold in her life, maybe Steve called out the right spirit that broke it’s authority? I may never know, but it doesn’t matter. She was set free and was a different child afterwards. She too was laughing with her mom minutes later. From hate and rage to innocent, happy laughter. I will never forget this family. Join me in praying for them! That their dad comes to know Jesus because of his daughter’s transformation, that their freedom is sealed in spite of the enemy all around, and that their mother gets discipled so she knows how to train them up!

Our Jesus is amazing and I will praise Him forever!

When the seventy-two disciples returned, they joyfully reported to him, “Lord, even the demons obey us when we use your name!” Luke 10:17

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