Setting Them Free In Jesus

So they can set others free

One of my favorite testimonies to come back from India, although, they are really ALL my favorite! I always get tears of joy and even more awe, if possible, for our Lord Jesus for all that He did and continues to do as I read these testimonies. This is what it is all about, setting […]

When Evil Seems Good

Feeding the lepers and responding to Jen Hatmaker

Scroll down for VIDEO! The enemy is a master deceiver, I learned in India that not everything that seems good is. When I returned I learned of Jen Hatmaker’s interview on homosexuality and thought one video could tell the story of the Lepers in India and respond to Jen in one swoop. Our view of […]

Even the demons obey in your name…

Siblings delivered from demons in India

On the first day and the last day of our India mission we visited a Hindu tent village for church. Our contact in India had been evangelizing this community for a couple of years (if I remember right) and most of them had gotten saved. However, the teaching is severely lacking, most don’t have bibles […]

Israel in a Nutshell

Thanks for your patience as I found the words....

Jerusalem at Night from my balcony Before I left for Israel, I had volunteered to write the trip report for Global Awakening upon my return. It was more difficult than I thought it would be because how can one express the trip of a lifetime? Impossible.  But I did my best and thought I would […]

How to Overcome Fear Forever

This is true in my own life and spelled out in scripture to boot. That means, this key to overcoming fear forever will work for anyone who seeks to understand it, including you. Some Backstory Years ago I suffered with severe panic attacks and anxiety to the point where I almost became agoraphobic.  Any amount of stress no […]