The Word of the Lord for 2017

Enter with a SHOUT!!!

A Disclaimer I am one who kind of scoffs at general prophetic words for the masses when I scroll across them on facebook or elsewhere. They just never sit right with me as I do not believe that God is saying the same thing to ALL people at the same time about what their future […]

Another facet from the Election Dream

Those darned Red Berries

Yet another facet of the Red Berries dream. I received this email this morning from a friend. I do not know the person who wrote the email, she does not know my name and would not have visited my blog or read any of what I have deciphered from the Lord about the dream so […]

On Trump and Saul

Something is amiss

I keep saying that I am wrestling with God about Trump and I keep thinking that my settling will come in the morning but alas, I am still wrestling!  But I do want to share what the Lord has shown me so far… The night before the election I had a dream, I shared part […]

Election Dream November 7, 2016

The shaking of the house and the 7 trumpets

I’ve been hashing things out with the Lord the last few days regarding Trump…I am not going to say my stance on voting but rather feel led to post some interesting puzzle pieces that Jesus has shown me over the last few days. Thanks to my pastors for putting up with all my texts and […]